Despite the lockdown procedures by many governments to control coronavirus spread worldwide, members of WHC continue to serve Ummah.

The executive members of the WHC are located in different countries and time zones but nothing stopped them to do their tasks.
The executive meeting of WHC was conducted online some days ago and urgent matters were discussed.
One of the important decisions taken was the acceptance of 5 new applicants to membership. The application files of many Halal Certification Bodies were examined one by one during the online meeting and according to existing membership rules and procedures, 5 organizations listed below have been accepted to the WHC’s “Associate Member” status. These members will become “Full Member” in the first general assembly following the waiting period of 24 months.

(1) Halal Bulgaria
(2) Halal Monitoring Authority, Kanada
(3) Japan Halal Foundation, Japonya
(4) MUSFITS, Malaysia
(5) International Halal Certification (Pvt) Ltd, Pakistan

May it be Khayr for the Muslim Ummah