14th Annual General Meeting of WHC was conducted in Chiba City, Japan on 20-21 November 2016.

The most important meeting of World’s reliable Halal certifiers is the Annual general meeting, and traditionally different certifiers host the event each year. This year in 2016, NAHA, Nippon Halal Association, volunteered and held the function together with Japan Halal Expo. Both of the events took place at Hotel Springs Makuhari.

The importance of this AGM was an election of new executive posts of the AGM. The following members of WHC were elected to below posts:

President                                 Zafer Gedikli

Vice President                         Habib Ghanim

Secretary General                   Abdulrahman Linzag

Assistant Sec. Gen                   Samat Sadykov

Treasurer                                  Ehsan Sairelly

Assistant Treasure                   Dinar Sadykov

Executive Committee             Thafier Najjar, Ibrahim Liu, Badreddin Hawari

After the elections, newly elected President Gedikli gave a small speech of thanks to all audience and thanked former President Shaikh Najjar for his service to WHC. Mr. Gedikli informed that WHC is a stronger entity and with the new management in power, the WHC will be the true voice of Halal and WHC will be the most respected umbrella organization around the world.

WHC Patron Dr. Buyukozer sent a message to the AGM, which was read to the audience.  In the message, Dr. Buyukozer stressed the importance of unity of standards as well as the quality of certifying. According to Dr. Buyukozer, Halal certifying should be considered as a means to serve the Ummah, not as a business to make money.

The AGM ended with distribution of certificates to members.