Brothers & Sisters in Islām and Colleagues in Halaal Certification,

Assalāmu ‘alaikum wr wb

We pray that you, members of your team, families and friends are well and keeping safe by the Grace of the Almighty Allāh

The Blessed month of Ramadhān dawns upon us once again amidst a barrage of challenges as an Ummah and more specifically in our role as Halaal Certification Bodies (HCB’s). Our important role as HCB’s has never been an easy one. Fraught with new challenges each and every day from corruption and poor integrity in Halaal Certification services, non-Muslim Halaal Certification agencies, fraudulent Halaal certificates, difficult labelling laws, burgeoning global Halaal trade & logistics to ever evolving accreditation requirements from different countries. Then there is the growing demand for certification of trending categories such as CBD oil, cannabis infused products, plant-based foods, lab-grown meats, insects as an alternative protein source, recycled ingredients, “non-alcoholic / alcohol free” liqour beverages, flours derived from cricket insects and bone broth to name a few, are on a sharp rise.

Remember, we are only as strong as our weakest link. Unfortunately, we will always be measured by this. Sincerity and Commitment to the cause is what will surmount these challenges and every other that will come our way in serving the Halaal Mission.

Diversified we may be in principles and regulatory standards, however it is our common goal of safeguarding, preserving and promoting Halaal and Wholesome to humanity at large, is what ultimately unites and strengthens us.

And as the first rays of the Mubārak month of Ramadhān filters through our busy activities and schedules of the past 11 months, we salute and commend you on all your endeavours in striving to serve the Halaal Mission with dedication and commitment year after year. Jazākumullāhu Khairan.

We make du’ā that this Ramadhān be the turning point in our lives and may Allāh Ta’ālā revive & elevate us all spiritually to unprecedented levels and make the attainment of Allāh Consciousness easier than ever before, Āmīn

From all of us at SANHA, we wish you, your officials, staff, family and friends Ramadhān Kareem.

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For South African National Halaal Authority


MS Navlakhi (Moulana)

Theological Director

SANHA Ramadhaan 1443