We also had the opportunity to have a very important interview with Mr. Habib Ghanim on the occasion of his 2-day visit. We bring this interview to your attention.

Habib Ghanim, 65, is president of the US Halal Chamber of Commerce, Inc., based in Washington, DC. It is one of the most active Halal experts and Halal certifiers in the USA. He has also been the head of the ISWA Halal Certification Department since 1999. Mr. Habib, a founding member of the World Halal Council, has attended numerous international Halal conferences and has always raised important issues regarding Halal Certification and Halal Standards.

He emphasizes that Muslim countries and businesses should invest in the Halal sector and sees this as the best solution for Muslim consumers to buy real Halal products. Advocates for a single global Halal standard and logo in the world.

It pioneers the celebration of World Halal Day, which is celebrated every year in the world under the leadership of GIMDES, in America.

Habib Ghanim spoke to GIMDES about his experience in US Halal, as well as the future of Halal in the US.

GİMDES: Could you tell us about yourself and the ISWA Halal Certification Department in the USA?

Habib Ghanim ISWA Halal Certification Department is affiliated with the US Halal Chamber of Commerce, Inc., an internationally and locally recognized full-service trade and professional certification organization dedicated to promoting Halal business and understanding of Islamic dietary compliance. It is managed by. The chamber facilitates dialogue between industry and consumers.

The US Halal Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is under the supervision of the Islamic Society of Washington Area (ISWA) and the American Muslim Halal Compliance Council (AMHCC), which ensures compliance with all Islamic Nutrition and Sharia Laws. The chamber is a member of the World Halal Council (WHC) and the American Association of Halal Certification Bodies (AAHC).

GİMDES: Could you also talk about the number of Muslims in the USA?

Habib Ghanim: It is estimated between 15 and 19 million this year.

GİMDES: How did you start Halal Certification? What was the reason?

Habib Ghanim: When I came as a student in 1973, I wanted halal food and was looking for food stores, chains, etc. After many unanswered questions, I decided to slaughter my own lamb, goat, cow or chicken as needed and finally shared it with my friends. It became a monthly job. And here we are today, doing thousands of jobs every day.

GIMDES: How many Halal Certification Organizations operate in the USA?

Habib Ghanim: About ten major internationally recognized certification bodies and ten to 15 local or national home-based certification bodies

GIMDES: What is your relationship with the World Halal Council?

Habib Ghanim: I have been a founding member of WHC since its establishment and am currently a member of the board of directors.

GIMDES: How many Slaughterhouses are operated and owned by Muslims in the USA?

Habib Ghanim: Unfortunately, there are three small slaughterhouses that I am aware of and under my supervision. The rest is owned by non-Muslims and they produce halal to meet the orders of halal consumers and large exporters, especially poultry.

GIMDES: What is the role of ISWA Halal Certification in promoting Halal awareness and genuine Halal products?

Habib Ghanim: We try our best, but this undermines genuine halal products as there are many self-certified individuals who are corrupt and cheat.

GIMDES: Who founded the ISWA Halal Certification Department?

Habib Ghanim: Habib Ghanim in the US Halal Chamber of Commerce, Inc., 1987.

GIMDES: Can you tell us the number of managers and staff in the Islamic Halal Certification Center?

Habib Ghanim: 5 managers, slaughterhouse staff and professional staff are approximately 250 people in total.

GIMDES: Which Halal Standards do you apply for Halal Certification?

Habib Ghanim: World Halal Council standards, WHFC and MUI, MUIS and JAKIM, depending on the countries of import.

GIMDES: What is the most serious problem of the US Halal industry?

Habib Ghanim: People who claim to be muftis and go from store to store threatening and blackmailing store owners that if they do not pay $100 per month to the imams or muftis they tell them their products are not Halal, they are ruining their sales and business and collecting money just like the Italian mafia.

GIMDES: How do Muslim businessmen or the community in the US handle issues such as Halal Standards, Halal Certification, or non-Muslim interference in Halal?

Habib Ghanim: Each one wants to see only one Halal sticker or label.

GIMDES: How do you see GIMDES?

Habib Ghanim: As an institution that has been working to teach the concepts of Halal and Tayyib to the whole world since its establishment, we see its founder, Dr. Hüseyin Büyüközer, as a father. I hope that Muslims all over the world will take as an example the HDM market chain implementation that you have established to make halal products easily available to consumers, apart from certification. I also congratulate you on your Madrasa project, which I learned about during this visit. This madrasa project is also very important. I think that the madrasa project is very valuable for the Ummah of Muhammad to learn their own values in line with the Ahl al-Sunnah, against the educational activities carried out by perverted views in the world. I am waiting for your detailed report about this project when I return to America, I am planning to organize an important aid campaign.