Praise be to our Lord for bringing us to these blessed days for the number of His creatures. We congratulate you and the entire Islamic Ummah on the Feast of Sacrifice and ask Almighty Allah to be instrumental in good deeds. Holidays are the days when resentments are forgotten, when people make peace and embrace as brothers. Holidays are the days when the consciousness of being a nation is shaped and strengthened in a society where national and religious feelings, beliefs, customs, and traditions are applied.

May Almighty Allah (swt) not separate us from the right path and our loved ones! On this blessed Eid al-Adha, may Almighty Allah (swt), the Creator of the Universe and the Lord of the Worlds, the Forgiving, accept all your prayers.

Let us not sacrifice our joy and happiness, which is one of the important dynamics of our Muslim society, the sacrifice of children and families for the sake of our “Hedonism”, which is a western import for our comfort. Our brothers who have the duty of sacrificing qurban should not be inclined to refer this duty to someone else. As such, large and small associations, foundations, companies, and even market chains are almost competing to stand by. Some are trying to attract the price of the qurban with the cheapness, some promise 5 kg of meat delivered home on the first day. Some of them are trying to convince people by making sad literature that he will cut in the places where the hungriest people in the world are.

I wonder which of these is sincere and which one really fulfils the qurban of the Muslim whom he has taken into his trust? Are these associations, foundations and merchants doing so much self-sacrifice for the sake of Allah to serve the Muslim, or are they working to obtain an important benefit? Which one is sincere, and which one is not? In fact, it would be very naïve to entrust the qurban without providing complete confidence without investigating it. We hear that some glorious associations and foundations used the money they collected for the sacrifice to invest in other places and betrayed the trust. The owners of these sacrifices should know that if the sacrifices have never been slaughtered or their conditions have not been complied with in the places where they give proxy, the sacrifice will not fulfil their obligations.

And a big scandal has been going on in our country for years. Huge market chains who are sell a variety of alcoholic beverages and some even sell pork and pork products in their markets every day throughout the year, including Eid days, also sell qurbans to Muslims. We can have no words for those who sell. although we are a Muslim community, we are condemned to a secular state administration, but a Muslim cannot be secular. If s/he is, s/he cannot be a Muslim. If s/he is a true Muslim, not shopping at a place that sells alcohol is an important quality for his benefit. In that case, it should be important for his own benefit that he does not entrust his qurban to these institutions.

Our Children Are Being Sacrificed!

The perpetrators of perverted relations, which spread like a cancer in every arm, and trap our children from social media to visual and written media, from advertisements to movies, songs and various means, pose a great danger to all Muslims. We have to protect our childrenWe are responsible from the circle of friends to the school they attend, from what they watch to what they read, from what they eat to what they drink, to their clothing, even to the toys we give to them. We should raise our children in line with Allah’s command and prohibitions and make them aware of the current dangers.

“Why do you men lust after fellow men, leaving the wives that your Lord has created for you? In fact, you are a transgressing people.” (Ash-Shuara, verses of 165-166)

This activity, which the deviant organizations in the countries call LGBTI+, is known to be haram and illegitimate all over the world. In order to legitimize this attitude, denial individuals and institutions are trying to establish some so-called intellectual foundations and to make LGBTI+ widespread and legitimate. According to its advocates, it is a requirement of natural diversity and should be respected. However, the reality about LGBTI+ is very different. Godlessness, enmity towards Allah, and denial of Allah (cc) are their most important qualities. They give their most important struggles on this issue. Homosexuality, which was a perversion specific to the people of Lot during the time of Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh), is wanted to be spread all over the world today. Therefore, the struggles to prevent all heresies and to put an end to such propaganda are a matter of faith and vital importance for those who believe in Allah (swt).