GIMDES and JAKIM, which both institutions have been cooperating almost 10 years, have met via online platform and JAKIM has conducted their renewal audit on the date 20.04.2021. All the information required for the recognition has been reviewed.

2 officials from GIMDES International Relations Department and 1 GIMDES Technical Committee Member have attended the audit while 2 JAKIM auditors were present in the meeting.

The audit was initiated by JAKIM auditors and GIMDES has introduced the overall organization structure, SOPs, GIMDES certified firms as well as the social contributions. It is also mentioned that until now, almost 3000 firms have applied for GIMDES Halal and Tayyib Certificate and almost 700 of them were able to obtain the certificate. Through the years, certificates of almost 300 (out of 700) firms have been cancelled by GIMDES, which ultimately reveals the updated information that approximately 15.000 different types of GIMDES certified products exist today. Following the information given in detail about GIMDES, JAKIM auditors have forwarded their questions.

The renewal audit was finalized by mutual good wishes and required steps were taken. It is awaited to receive the updated recognition letter of JAKIM in the near future.

We pray Allah (SWT) make this audit Khair for all the Ummah.