1) Sending congratulatory messages to WHC members and other halal certification bodies explaining the meaning and importance of the day

2) GIMDES will continue for at least 10 days on behalf of the World Halal Foundation/ Dünya Helal Vakfı (DHV) and Halal Dunya Markets (HDM) (45-minute broadcast via Online ZOOM)

3) 1000 Ramadan food items, 5000 iftar tables in Idlib, Syria, iftar tables in HDMs and GIMDES center

4) To make publications using social media through volunteers in provinces where there are no markets.

5) Quiz Program: Sending gifts to 5 or 10 people who know all the questions, or subscribing to the magazine (Halal Life Guide Magazine)

6) Selling chocolate and similar products to be produced in special packages for the 17th day of Ramadan in Halal Dunya Markets (HDM)

7) Sending gifts to companies that have not experienced any non-compliance in three consecutive inspections, reminding them of the 17th of Ramadan.

8) To announce the Ramadan food and iftar events until the 17th of Ramadan.

9) Sending congratulatory messages explaining the meaning and importance of the day to official authorities such as state officials, municipalities and governorships.

10) Distribution of brochures on the importance of halal food on the occasion of World Halal Day in various provinces

11) Sending congratulatory messages explaining the meaning and importance of the day to civil society organizations, media organizations, public institutions, universities and educational institutions

12) Slogan competition

13) Opening stands in Halal Dunya Markets, promoting GIMDES, DHV and 17 Ramadan World Halal Day, distributing materials for that day (Balloons, brochures, etc.)

14) “Kids are drawing!” competition

Our brothers and sisters who follow us can do similar activities in their own regions. If they inform us about the activities that they will do, we will publish them on our websites.