The 18th Annual General Assembly Meeting of the World Halal Council (WHC), which is the umbrella organizatio of the worldwide Halal Certification bodies, is held in Manila, Philippines between 14-16 November.


WHC holds its congresses in different countries every year. Among the countries where the meeting was held in the last 10 years, we can count Indonesia, South Africa, Philippines, and Turkiye. During this time, Our 2022 ordinary congress is held in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Zafer Gedikli represents GIMDES. As the Patron of WHC, the text of the opening speech of GIMDES President H. K. BÜYÜKÖZER was read.


We wish from our Almighty Allah that the program and the decisions to be made will be khayr and beneficial for the whole ummah.

Opening Speech by Dr. Büyüközer:

Assalamu aleykum


Dear fellow WHC members


In this period when we are trying to relieve the tiredness of the Corona virus scourge, it is an inevitable fact for us to reconsider our duties and responsibilities that our Lord has imposed on us and demanded from us as servants.


I believe that after all these negative conditions we are experiencing, you, my fellow members, are as aware as I am of the great importance of the WHC in the eyes of Muslims.


Until a hundred years ago, Muslims were “administrators, subordinate to an administrator; The administrator subordinate to “sharia” order.” In a moment of slackness, the imamah of the Islamic Ummah was cut off with a night raid by the non-Muslim forces with the command of divine destiny, and the Ummah was left without a head. The ummah was scattered like beads of rosary whose imamah had been cut off. After that night’s raid, Muslims were always persecuted and suffered wherever they were in the world. They could not live their daily lives, which are the requirements of their faith, in accordance with the will of Allah (swt). Non-Muslim imperialist powers seized their above-ground wealth. Instead of an education based on Islam, they degenerated our generations with a denialist and secular education system. They have made our trade fruitless with an interest-bearing system. They handed over our state administrations to unworthy people who would serve as their lackeys. They confiscated our food. By degenerating our halal and tayyib nutrition channels with new technologies, they made us feed on haram and suspicious foods every day.


In a significant part of the last century, we suffered a lot, we saw a lot of persecution. We saw our mistakes, and we started to recover one by one. We started to establish independent states, albeit small ones. We are trying to heal each other’s wounds in the direction of the command “Muslims are brothers”. We unfurled the banner of brotherhood in order to take back our rights that they took away from us with a night raid. We were not afraid! for our Lord said, ” Do not falter or grieve, for you will have the upper hand, if you are ˹true˺ believers.” (Ali Imran 139). Victory has always belonged to the believers.


I saw the WHC as an important tool in this struggle of the Ummah and I came to Thailand in 2008 on the day of such a congress. In 2011, on a congress day held in Istanbul, you awarded me with the title of WHC Patron with the unanimous vote of all members.


I joined you in 2008 as a member of an ecole that was united under the banner of Muslim brotherhod that started in Turkey in the 1960s. We believe that the domination of the world by the Islamic Ummah is essential for the happiness of all humanity, as it was in the past. This world order formed by non-believer orders has never been able to ensure the happiness of people, on the contrary, it turns all people into pessimistic, miserable feelings, hopeless masses of people who have lost their joy of life. As soon as possible, the United Nations, which is under the control of the 5 western powers should be transformed with the belief that the world is bigger than 5 and the Islamic Nations should form their own organization. An Islamic Common Market can be established to control trade and the economy. Instead of the Common western currencies, the Islamic Dinar can be substituted. The administration of states and the education system can be changed so as to include Islamic values. Here is our road map that will lead us to the Islamic Union. Within the integrity of this road map, in order to ensure that the human-centered needs of all humanity are provided in a halal and tayyib manner, WHC should put its weight as an institution that will carry out halal and tayyib production within the responsibility of a guarantor by using the tools of supervision and control with its independent structure above the states. Instead of accreditation institutions established for the purpose of exploiting Muslims and make regionalism, WHC can be transformed into the only institution that will take over the responsibilities.


Under this roof, we all have to be workers at the same level. The superiority is only in piety. Our business should be to serve Muslims rather than trade. May Allah bless and help us.


May He (SWT) employ us in good and correct services in accordance with His will.


I wish Allah’s peace and blessings to be upon you and all Muslims


I hope that our congress will be instrumental for good and that our congress in 2023 will be in Istanbul with our Halal and Tayyib Fair, which we will hold on to the same dates with the permission of Allah.


Dr. Huseyin Kami BUYUKOZER

GIMDES and DHV President, WHC Patron