Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hassan Hitou who is the founder and director of Imam Shafi’i University in Indonesia and Mr. Abdulrahman Avad visited GIMDES.

At the meeting, the information was given about the target, aim, location and curriculum of GIMDES’s Daru’l Halal Madrasa project. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hassan Hitou, who was instrumental in the establishment of universities in Indonesia and Kuwait, stated that they wanted to establish a university in Turkey as well. The importance of an education system based on the Islamic system and what can be done about the unity of all Muslims were mutually consulted. After the two institutions explained their projects to each other, it was decided to work together within the framework that could be agreed.

The meeting, which was held within the framework of our common goals, ended with prayers for our mutual contact to continue in a strong manner and for our brotherhood and unity to be strong in line with the Divine Consent. The meeting ended with gifts, prayers, and thanks.