With the arrival of Ramadan, preparations have started to be made all over the world for the 17th Ramadan World Halal Day, which is eagerly awaited by all the world’s Muslims and emphasizes the importance of halal food.

ISWA Halal Certification Authority, a member of the World Halal Council located in America, is holding an online seminar and iftar organization dedicated to the 17th Ramadan World Halal Day.

We would like to thank Our Muslim brother Habib D. Ghanim from ISWA institution for his kind invitation to these meaningful organizations.

If you would like to participate in the online Webinar, you can register from www.gomeet.com.

Ramadan Festivities are being held in Vienna, Austria, where GIMDES Volunteer Abdullah Demir will give a speech about World Halal Day.

Preparations for the 17th Ramadan World Halal Day Festivities in Turkey are continuing unabated!

The iftar program will be held for the 17th Ramadan World Halal Day under the leadership of Suat Sezer, the GIMDES Ankara Representative, at the Ankara Asmaköprü International Student Association, with the support of TOCBIRSEN.

Düzce Halal World Markets are holding an iftar for 50 people.

A 150-person iftar is being organized at the GIMDES Headquarters in Istanbul on 17 Ramadan.

The Kayseri Representative Office of the GIMDES Ladies Board welcomes the 17th Ramadan World Halal Day by organizing the Medina iftar at the Meydan Kurşunlu Mosque.

GIMDES Ladies Board Balıkesir Representative Office is distributing dates after teravih at the Grand Mosque.

The World Halal Day iftar is held in front of Sakarya Halal Dunya Market.

GIMDES Ladies Board Erzincan, Erzurum, Malatya, and Kayseri representative offices and iftar organizations are organized for the 17th Ramadan World Halal Day in many provinces.

Marmara University Halal and Healthy Life Club on 17 Ramadan, the meaning and importance of World Halal Day; She is holding a seminar to be given by Food Engineer Fatma Füsun Mentes on how the concepts of halal, haram and tayyib should be reflected in our actions.

We will celebrate the 17th Ramadan Halal Day with enthusiasm with hashtag works on the social media platform, as in every medium!