May the holy month of Ramadan of all our Muslim brothers and sisters be blessed. May our Lord make this month an occasion for peace, happiness, brotherhood and goodness, Inshaallah.

Ramadan is an opportunity. Let’s decide to make the most of this opportunity given to us by Allah (swt) in renewing our material and spiritual life, in getting rid of our wrong habits, in making a serious self-criticism, from eating and drinking to every deed in our daily life, and let’s start to implement it.

We are continuing our work on the 17th Ramadan World Halal Day, which we believe will be very beneficial for our Ummah and which we started under the leadership of WHC in 2013, on the occasion of Ramadan al-Sharif. May our Lord accept our work in His sight.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ delivered a sermon on the last day of a month of Shaban and said:

“O Muslims! The shadow of a great and blessed moon has fallen on you. This is a month in which the Night of Power is “better than a thousand months”. This month, fasting is obligatory for Allahu ta’ala during the day; It is a (blessed) month in which he makes the tarawih prayer legitimate at night. Whoever does a good deed in this month will receive a reward like a person who fulfills a fard at other times. A person who performs one fard gains a reward like one who fulfills seventy fards in other months. This month is the month of patience. The reward for patience is heaven. This month is the month of bestowal, charity and equality. This month is a month when the believer’s sustenance increases. Whoever makes a fasting person iftar, this will cause his sins to be forgiven and he will be saved from Hell. He earns as much reward as he earns, without detracting from the reward received by a Muslim who has had his fast.”