The halal product sector, which has been growing rapidly since 2005 with the free-market economy it has created, is halal food enthusiast with the 9th International Halal and Tayyib Products Fair, which will also take place at CNR Food Istanbul between 31 August – 03 September 2022, where the Halal and Tayyib section will take place, manufacturers, sellers and consumers meet with the whole sector.

Halal certified products, which have become a big market by becoming widespread in recent years, come together with all their components at the Halal and Tayyib Products Fair.

In the globalizing world, 2 billion Muslims are looking for their own food, and the producer wants to offer halal and tayyib foods to Muslims and even humanity. From this point of view, Halal and Tayyib products fairs have moral responsibility and gain as well as commercial and economic returns.

With the incredible development of biotechnology, it is seen that in this century’s foods, haram is mixed with halal, and what people eat, and drink, halal and haram have reached a level that cannot be noticed by normal sensory perceptions. Yes, people see and realize that there is an erosion in taste, that there is a meaningful change in generations, that many allergic and bacterial diseases occur, but the real cause of these changes and calamities is not known, and they cannot grasp and sense the source within the framework of their general knowledge.

From the halal seed and embryo, which is the starting raw material of all foods, to the fork, at every stage, process, operation, tools, and equipment, etc. These national and international fairs, where halal criteria, halal standards and halal food are exhibited, offer Muslims and humanity an incredibly beautiful and accurate opportunity, an excellent opportunity. This excellent opportunity is brought to the feet of Turkish producers and consumers. For a healthy generation, we say halal food first and we believe in this.

If you say you are in search of halal; we look forward to seeing you at the 9th International Halal and Tayyib Products Fair, where Halal and Tayyib section will take place, at CNR Food Istanbul, which will be held between 31 August – 03 September for our Halal product, Halal food, and Halal life rush.