Members of WHC, the leading umbrella organization of Halal certifiers worldwide got together in Istanbul on 25 -26 October for the occasion of 15th Annual General Meeting.  The AGM was hosted by GIMDES and took place at Retaj Hotel in Güneşli.

Most of the current members attended the AGM and important decisions were taken. Members unanimously agreed that WHC is the unique body that can serve the needs Ummah for Halal matters.

Some of the resolutions are below:


            -Fiqh and Technical committees are to convene more often and find solutions to questions of the Ummah for Halal matters

            -WHC will use social media more effectively and help enlighten the public

            -WHC committees will prepare Halal tourism standard

            -Selected members will form a committee to review WHC Halal standard

            -Training will be a priority for members and each occasion will be used for conducting particular training courses for members and non-members



A Quality management training organized by GIMDES and a committee of WHC members followed the meeting. Members who attended the training learned the basics of quality management systems and had the chance to compare Halal Assurance System with other kinds of systems.

The next AGM of WHC will be conducted in Europe and an international conference will be organized concurrently with the AGM.