We would like to inform all esteemed Halal Certifiers that our 2015 AGM will take place in Istanbul on Friday, 23 October 2015.

Every AGM is important but I must also express that pressures of non-Muslims to interfere with Halal certifying is getting bigger. They realize that Halal is a profitable business for them and it will open new doors to make money by using Muslims. This is especially true for European Union countries, where biggest members like Spain, Italy, France etc are still in deep crisis. Regrettably, some Muslim countries encourage those non-muslims claiming that Muslim HCBs are not upto standard and not professional. We experience similar discourses all the time.

Brother, it is getting late and if we don’t act together, if we continue to compete with one another or treat Halal as mere business,  non-muslims might succeed. However, it is our mission not to leave Halal to non-muslims. Halal belongs to Muslims and it is going to stay that way.

For this reason, your participation to our 2015 AGM in Istanbul is much more important. Please don’t neglect it.

This is the day you must show your support for the Ummah. Don’t look for excuses. Come unless you have to be hospitalized. This is the day for unity. We have to show that we are indeed united, capable and stronger. We have nothing to be afraid except ALLAH.

In addition to our AGM, GIMDES is also organizing the Halal Expo 2015 between dates 22-25 October in Istanbul and we will be very happy to see you in person in Istanbul.

Please send all your event inquiries to : irtibat@gimdes.org

Date: 23 October 2015

Event: World Halal Council Annual General Meeting 2015

Venue: Istanbul Congress Center