Executive Committee of WHC conducted their mid-year meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on April 5th.

Main discussion topics were recent developments on Halal certification, mutual recognition of members, status of products that resemble Haram goods (like non-alcoholic wine, beer etc) and some technical matters on mechanical slaughtering, gelatin, sausage casings and cloning of animals. Committee decided that any products that have the appearance, taste, smell of anything Haram cannot be certified as Halal. So any certificate that allows such goods will not be accepted.

Committee agreed to work closely with MIHAS organization. MIHAS and WHC will develop a new working scheme together and cooperate in promotion of Halal certification and Halal awareness.

The committee accepted the offer by Islamic Da’wah Council of the Philippines to host the 2012 Annual General Meeting. So 2012 AGM will be held in Manila, Philippines in the third week of November and all members and observers will be invited in due course. Mr. Abdul Rahman, President of Islamic Da’wah Council of the Philippines informed that they will also organize a conference at the same time.

The suggestions on mission and vision of the WHC will also be discussed at the AGM.

Mr. Gedikli from Turkey was appointed vice president of WHC.