Even though “energy drinks” contain about 0.3% ethanol, they are categorized as non-alcoholic beverages. Besides caffeine, they also contain a specific amount of stimulants such as taurine, inositol, glucoronolactone, carnitine and creatine. Although they are named as energy drinks, in reality, they only make the consumers feel energetic through the self-stimulating agents mentioned above.
Experts stated that these drinks contain high amounts of caffeine and the amino acid, “Taurine”. Aside from providing energy, these two substances can increase the blood pressure and severely influence the heart’s functions.
High caffeine containing drinks, that are commonly referred to as “energy drinks” by the general public, can lead to abnormal blood pressures which in turn increase the negative impact on the heart. American experts have carried out a research regarding this matter, and strongly advice that patients with high blood pressure and cardiac problems stay away from such drinks.
These highly doubtful drinks are banned from being served by most restaurants in Sweden, and are being treated as “drugs” in Norway. In France and Denmark, their sale have been completely banned. Placing warning texts on the cans and stating that “we have provided warnings texts” does not eliminate the responsibility of the manufacturer.
Modern teknolojinin ve serbest rekabetin önümüze getirdiği ‘’ Enerji içecekleri ‘’ tehlikesini korurken biz Müslümanlar olarak bu tür içeceklerden uzak durmalıyız.
“Energy drinks” that are brought to us through modern technology and free competition still maintain its risks and must be abstained by us, Muslims.

GIMDES report.