The awareness of seeking Halal and Tayyib product increases daily on two billion Muslims all over the world. Various valuable experts and academicians from different countries have met in the 7th international Halal and Tayyib Products Conference, which was held in Istanbul CNR Exhibition Center on 6 September 2014.
Session Topics;
– Pre- and post-slaughter industrial practices of concern in Halal meat production
– The implications of emerging ingredients and processing practices to the Halalness of food, cosmetics and medicine.
– Effects of GMO and transgenic productss on health. Can GMO products be Halal certified?
– Requirements for Halal Certification in Service Sectors: Tourism, Catering and Airlines
GIMDES has organized 7th Halal and Tayyib Products Conference this year again, and 15 important speakers made their presentations in the four main session for finding Halal bite solutions on the most important issue of Muslims.